3 Home Staging Tips That Make a Big Impact

Ample lighting

Lighting is essential for many reasons and can quite literally brighten any room, making it feel warmer and more welcoming to potential buyers. Lighting also makes a big difference in showing off all of the best features and highlights of your home. When you don’t have good lighting, it can take away from what the home truly has to offer.

When deciding how to best use lighting in a room, one tip is to use at least three different sources in one room. If the room you’re staging has any windows, this is the source you should go to first. Natural light is one of the best types of lighting, so make sure to let it shine in when showing off the home. One way to do this is to pull back curtains as much as possible or remove them all together, especially if they are a dark color. You can also use regular overhead lighting as well. Other lighting options include standing lamps, table lamps, or any different decorative light to make your home feel cozier and more inviting.

Less is more

Living in a home, you may accumulate a lot of furniture and a lot of stuff. However, when staging your home, scale back to the basics. Only keep furniture typically found in that specific room or keep it if it adds to the space. The decor is okay, too, as long as it’s organized and ties the room together. Too much in one area can make a room appear smaller than it is and distract from the room itself, and too much can give the room a more cluttered look. Paring back to only the “essentials” plus good decor makes it easier for buyers to see themselves in the space.

Depersonalize your space

Making your space less personal makes a huge difference in how potential buyers perceive your home. Depersonalizing a space means putting away any personal items in your house, including photos of friends and family, pets, and more. Putting personal items in storage can make a big difference in how quickly your sells. When potential buyers aren't distracted by photos of other people in the room, it allows them to envision themselves living there.

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