5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Buyer's Agent

So, you are thinking the time is right to finally start looking for a home but stuck on hiring the right buyer's agent to help you through the process?We have 5 questions you may not have thought to ask to help guide you through the hiring process of a prospective buyer's agent.

1. Are you a part-time agent or full-time agent? 

Most would ask "How many years in the business?" However, experience is learned on the job in Real Estate. One agent you are interviewing may boast they've been in the business for 10 years while another may be just shy over 3 years in the business. In our opinion, 3 years full time is just as valuable if not more than part time experience.

2. Are you a member of the National Association of Realtors?

Why? NAR has a required set of ethical standards from it's members. 

3. Do you work on weekends?

Real Estate happens on the weekends. Most agents will answer Yes to this question but you want to be upfront and make sure that the agent in question knows you are expecting them to be there for you on Saturday's and Sunday's. The agent should be upfront with you if they are planning any time away so they can set expectations during that time.

4. What's your business style?

You'll want to know if you'll be getting updates daily, weekly, by phone, by email, and by who! This is important because if their assistant is sending you the updates you'll want to know that ahead of time. In addition to asking what their style is be upfront about your preferred mode of communication and how frequently.

5. Are you familiar with our area?

This one is a no brainer but it's very important. Real Estate agents are designed to "do our homework" but a good real estate agent knows it is a disservice to a client to take on an area that we are not comfortable or familiar with. If that's the case, the agent should find a referral for you.
If you have any further questions about real estate needs always know you can reach out to our team any time!


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