"How Could I Possibly Buy Right Now During a World Pandemic? ..."


"How Could I Possibly Buy Right Now During a World Pandemic? ..."

If that is the question you are currently asking yourself after setting a goal to buy a home during this spring market then have no fear. First and foremost, health and safety is our number one priority so be sure to stay in check with those before getting started.
If you feel as though you are in a position to continue with your plans to buy your first, second, third - whatever home it may be for you- then this post is to show you how we can still reach that goal for you! While a lot of companies have been turning to virtual tools to continue business so has Real Estate and all the supporting industries that help us get to the closing table.

Virtual Home Buyer Consults: The Kendall Green Luce Team is able to serve our clients with safety as our first priority. If you would like a home buyer consult we will set up a team zoom call and walk you through the process, making sure we are in full understanding of your wants and needs. This is important because it's your right to be sure that we are good fit to have on your home buying team!

How do I view a property? Good news. While vacant homes can be shown no problem, if the subject property still has the current owners living in it we have turned to "Virtual Tours". With these we are able to get you a detailed video of the property that shows more than the photos. Once you have viewed the virtual tour and are pre approved, agents work together to find a way to get you to safely view the home. The seller decides whether they are comfortable or not having prospective buyers in their home. Some buyers have been making offers sight unseen with contingenices of seeing the home when the State of Emergency is over.

How do I have a home inspection? Some home inspectors are still out working with all their PPE and remaining safe. Other home inspectors have switched to Zoom inspections. They go in the home for the inspection alone so that their isn't a crowd and the buyer will be on the Zoom call following along. As your agents we have resources to provide you with.

How do I review and sign documents if we can't be face to face? Have no fear. We were actually prepared for this way before the pandemic! Luckily with tools such as Docusign we can use your elecontic signature as a legal signautre to complete documents. The only documents you still need to sign paper to pen are the closing documents from your attorney and they are also practicing safe techniques to get those done.

So is there stil a closing table to get to? Of course there is! It's the end goal, it's just going to be a different table for each party involved for a little bit. Sellers will sign with their attorney's techniques and you, the buyer, will sign in the safest way instructed by your attorney and they will e-file at the registry of deeds to go to record!

Reach out to us if you have more questions about home buying! [email protected]

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